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Our lab is directed by Dr. Mary Lowery Nordberg, who reviews every case and oversees the day- to-day functions of the laboratory. Dr. Nordberg is an active participant in local and national conferences and serves as a consultant for genetic testing.For all testing related questions, contact customerservices@deltamdx.comDr Mary Lowery Nordberg’s Bio

Dr. Mary NordbergIn addition to the reponsibilities as the Director of the Delta MDx laboratory, Dr. Nordberg is a Professor at LSU Health in Medicine and Pediatrics. A member of the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, she is the team leader in the Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program.Active in teaching medical students, residents (pathology, pediatric, medicine), and fellows (Hem/Onc, Allergy and Immunology), she received the prestigious 2009 Allen A. Copping Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Nordberg was recognized for her clinical expertise and for challenging students to seek out more knowledge, be creative in their thinking and to strive for excellence.

Medical student, resident, and physician education is a priority at Delta MDx, involving collaborative efforts with many other faculty and departments/institutions.Prior to her arrival at Delta Pathology and LSUHealth,Dr. Nordberg served asChief of Cytogenetics and Immunopathology at Centura Health, Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Lab8My clinical interests include clinical cytogenetics (particularly cancer cytogenetics), hematopathology, molecular cytogenetics (fluoresence in situ hybridization, multicolor FISH, spectral karyotyping), genomic profiling, molecular genetics, flow cytometry and immunophenotyping of leukemias and lymphomas, and digital imaging microscopy.

Current research efforts include molecular markers in head and neck tumors that are relevent to predications of clinical behavior, clinical applications of advanced technologies including immunohistochemistry for the assessment of aberrant protein expression in solid tumors and hematopoietic disease, multiparametric flow cytometric immunophenotyping in leukemias and lymphomas, pharmocogenetics of therapeutic response (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and warfarin/Plavix dosing strategies) and molecular genetic techniques in the diagnosis of hematologic hereditary genetics disorders




Carrie L. Bearden, M.D., FCAP
Richard J. Blanchard, Jr., M.D., FCAP
Stephen P. Blanchard, M.D., FCAP
M’Liss L. Crosier, M.D., FCAP
Jordan W. Eggers, M.D., FCAP
Sidney B. Gray, M.D., FCAP
Janis J. Gulick, M.D., FCAP
James G. Hair, M.D., FCAP
Stephanie B. Hanson, M.D., FCAP
Kenneth Harrison, M.D., FCAP
Steven Heard, M.D., FCAP
Bruce Herrington, M.D., FCAP
Vivek K. Khare, M.D., FCAP
Anthony Lee, M.D., FCAP
William J. Liles,Jr., M.D., FCAP
Joan G. Marshak, M.D., FCAP
Bernadette K. McLaren, M.D., FCAP
Michael W. Miguez, M.D., FCAP
Ronald N. Padgett, M.D., FCAP
Sudha G. Pillarisetti, M.D., FCAP
Louis J. Sardenga, M.D., FCAP
Thomas Siskron III, M.D., FCAP
Gregory P. Wellman, M.D., FCAP
David J. Werner, M.D., FCAP
William A. Wesche, M.D., FCAP
Bruce Williams, M.D., FCAP